Sunday, January 11, 2015

If you're a stroke survivor...

...This is a good place to be. I notice this blog still get's hits. For you new visitors (and some old) feel free to peruse this blog if you are wondering about the first year or two after a major stroke. The first entry on this blog was written a week after his stroke in February 2008. This is good information-- I know cause I wrote it- hehe.

Not really it's good because my husband is an amazing man and he has climbed so many mountains to get to where he is now. We moved blogs a year ago, and you can follow us on our continuing journey at

And if you or someone you love is recovering from a stroke. Don't give up and don't get sad! There is so much you will learn about life and love that one day you could be glad instead of sad for such a difficult trial.

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